Take you to the leisure food production line

With the improvement of people’s living standard and the change of life style, all kinds of cereal puffed food has become an increasingly indispensable part of people’s life. No matter in leisure time or after work, there are no small snacks. Therefore, the demand for delicious, safe, nutritious, fast, simple and cheap convenient food will increase greatly. For leisure food manufacturers, it is very important to choose efficient and energy-saving food puffing machine  production line equipment.


A variety of casual snacks

The expanded food production line refers to the extruded food which is made by crushing, mixing and humidifying the raw materials into the screw extruder, and the materials are steamed in the extruder at high temperature and through specially designed die holes. The main raw materials are corn flour, rice, flour and other corn starch.

Corn flour                                         Rice flour

Expanded small food production line mainly produces and processes all kinds of expanded leisure food. The so-called “small” word mainly refers to the small size, changeable shape and exquisite packaging of the food produced. At present, the popular puffed small food production line is mainly composed of powder mixer, feeding machine, oven and seasoning line. Different brands and different puffed foods need different production configurations. The manufacturer can design the production line according to the output, floor area and investment.

Twin screw food puffing machine

Production process:

After the grain powder containing certain moisture enters into the sleeve through the feeding device, the screw is used to continuously rotate to forcibly transport the material. Through the calendering effect and the high temperature and pressure generated by heating, the material is extruded, mixed, sheared, melted, sterilized and cooked in the extrusion cylinder, and a series of complex continuous processing, such as starch gelatinization, is generated. At this time, the moisture in the material is still in the liquid Status. When the material is squeezed from the pressure chamber to the atmospheric pressure, the super boiling point water in the material will produce expansion force due to the instantaneous evaporation, and the sol starch in the material will also expand instantaneously, so the volume of the material will be expanded suddenly, forming a crisp food structure. The fluid is output through a specially shaped mold.


Small snack production mold

This is the simple production process of puffed food production equipment. The temperature and set time of the extruder in the puffed food production equipment determine the degree and size of food puffing.

Leisure puffed food production line

The expanded snack production line has a wide range of adaptability to raw materials, many product shapes and flexible configuration. Different models and configurations can be selected to produce different products. At present, the application of expanded food machinery mainly includes:

One is to produce all kinds of snack food with corn and potato as raw materials;

Second, it uses flour as raw material to produce all kinds of simulation food;

The third is to use plant protein as raw material to produce tissue protein food (commonly known as artificial meat);

The fourth is to use grains, beans or potatoes as raw materials, which are made into staple food after expansion. In addition, other products can be produced according to different equipment combinations.

Corn puff food           Potato leisure food         Artificial meat

The nutritional loss of puffed food produced by puffed small food production equipment is less, and it is easy to be digested and absorbed by human body. After high temperature extrusion, the starch water evaporated completely, and the water content of snack food decreased to the lowest, which is convenient for long-term preservation. It can improve food flavor, taste and production efficiency. In addition, the expansion of small food production equipment is not affected by the region and the surrounding environment, the scope of application is very wide.