Corn Meal Snack Machine

Introduce Advantage Parameter PDF Download PDF Corn meal snack machine for making puffed corn snack.Puffed snack porous fluffy, taste crisp and sweet, with a certain nutritional value,suitable for both old and young.Investment in corn meal extruding machine will bring you great benefits.Leader Microwave Equipment Company offers all kinds of corn flour snack machines.Choose the right one, now!   Advantages of Leader … Read moreCorn Meal Snack Machine

Snack Extruder

Introduce Advantage Parameter PDF Download PDF With the improvement of people’s living standard and the change of life style, a variety of cereal puffing food has become an increasingly indispensable part of people’s life, whether at leisure time or after work, there are always small snacks. As a result, the demand for convenience foods that … Read moreSnack Extruder