Food puffing snack equipment visit from Australian customers

With the progress of science and technology, all kinds of food equipment are also updated, and major enterprises are developing new generation of equipment in order to better adapt to the development of the times. Our company is a modern manufacturer integrating production, R & D, customization, sales and after-sales service. We have rich production experience and our products have been sold all over the world. Recently, customers from Pakistan contacted us again, intending to visit the company and purchase our food puffing snack equipment.

Food puffing snack equipment

Our food puffing snack equipment is made of food grade stainless steel. It consists of stainless steel belt, control panel, motor and reducer, stainless steel frame, etc. The heating temperature and expansion time can be adjusted according to the requirements of customers. At the same time, the equipment is fully automatic, just press the control button. In addition, the machine uses advanced technology to save energy and maintain the taste and color of food.

Advantages of food puffing snack equipment:

  1. With mature experience in manufacturing counterpart equipment, no detours are needed, and the equipment can create benefits when it reaches the factory.
  2. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, food grade conveyor belt, good material selection, high temperature resistance, anti deviation, long service life.
  3. Puffing equipment is open and shutinstantly, working state display, man-machine interface operation, PLC program control.
  4. Simple equipment, advanced technology, uniform heating, high thermal efficiency, good product quality, easy to control, small floor area and other advantages.
  5. The food puffing machinehas reasonable design, strong stability, high degree of automation, advanced technology, advanced frequency control technology adopted by the main machine, high efficiency and energy saving.
  6. It has the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection, is clean and sanitary, conforms to the concept of food, and is widely recognized by consumers. It can be said that it is a replacement of ordinary food puffingmachinery.

puffed food

Working process of food puffing snack machine:

Mixing system–extrusion system–drying system–seasoning system–cooling system–packaging system

Supporting equipment of food puffing snack machine:

Mixer → screw conveyor → twin screw extruder → air conveyor → multi-layer dryer → elevator → cooking oil sprayer → seasoning roller → cooling conveyor

Food puffing snack equipment from ingredients, extrusion, molding, baking, spraying to the finished product can be completed in one time. The products include all kinds of puffed food such as corn flakes, shrimp chips, yam chips, etc. The food puffing equipment uses the production technology of extrusion and frying. The product has crisp taste and strong fragrance. By changing the mold, various shapes of snack can be produced.

Australian customer visit

We have more than ten years of experience in cooperation with customers, and can provide professional design and practical solutions for various process needs. We can improve our customers’ equipment and provide training on new technology. We can also ensure that customers to meet the design requirements and perfect working conditions of high-quality machines. In addition, our technicians can provide various related technologies to make food production clean, healthy and safe.

After coming to our factory, after our detailed explanation, Australian customers have a comprehensive understanding of our products, and visit the factory’s cheese making equipment, pet food manufacturing machine, fish feed machine and other equipment. Finally, they plan to buy three of our food puffing snack equipment first, and other equipment will be considered if necessary. Finally, we signed a contract and reached an agreement. We enjoyed our cooperation very much!