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Corn meal snack machine for making puffed corn snack.Puffed snack porous fluffy, taste crisp and sweet, with a certain nutritional value,suitable for both old and young.Investment in corn meal extruding machine will bring you great benefits.Leader Microwave Equipment Company offers all kinds of corn flour snack machines.Choose the right one, now!

Corn meal snack machine

  Advantages of Leader corn meal snack machine:

1.We equip our corn meal bulking machine with famous PLC and frequency converter, which can guarantee reliable operating system.

2.Leader corn meal snack machine can process a variety of puffed food, convenient food and many other foods.By simply changing the mold, the shape of the product can be changed to produce products with different shapes.The variety of products is conducive to improving the flexibility of production and marketing.

3.The puffing equipment of corn meal snack is integrated with feeding, transportation, processing and forming, and it is continuous production, so the efficiency is very high.And the energy consumption is only 60-80% of the traditional process.

4.The processing of corn meal snack machine is carried out in a closed container. In addition to starting and stopping the machine, a few raw materials are needed. Generally, no raw material consumption will be generated, and no waste gas and waste water will be discharged to the environment, causing pollution.

5.Thanks to the high temperature and short time processing process of the cornmeal snack machine, the nutritional composition and appearance of the food are hardly damaged.On the contrary, some of the starch is converted into dextrin and maltose, which is easy for human digestion.The digestibility of protein without bulking rice is 75%.After puffing treatment increased to 83%.

6.After being extruded and expanded, the cellulose, vitamins and trace elements such as calcium and phosphorus are thoroughly granular.Besides, the degradation and structural changes of some molecules have been produced, to enhance water solubility and improve taste.It has a unique burnt flavor.After puffing, the product has a spongy structure with many empty Spaces and strong water absorption. It is easy to rehydrate and convenient to eat.

7.After corn meal extruder puffing, the grain is not easy to produce shrinkage phenomenon, extrusion food processing time is short, raw material moisture content is generally low, not conducive to microbial growth and reproduction.From the raw materials to the products, the production process is simple and there is little chance of contamination. Therefore, the storage period can be effectively extended as long as the method is appropriate.

Corn meal snack machine

As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of corn starch machines, the Leader Microwave Equipment Company offers several models.There are more parameters here.

type DL-20 DL-60 DL-90 DL-160 DL-300
Main motor power [kW] 20 60 90 160 300
MTS 35 50 65 75 96
screw diameter[mm] 36 51 62 71 94
Output shaft moment [Nm] 140 430 710 1270 2500
Maximum screw rotation[rpm] 600 600 600 600 600
yield [kg/h] 30-70 90-220 150-360 260-650 500-1300

  Leader Microwave Equipment Company the highlight:

1.Sound technical design standards:

The research and development of Leader products shall be conducted in strict accordance with national standards, industrial standards and enterprise standards.Therefore,Leader Microwave Equipment Company can ensures compatibility, safety and reliability of the product.You can get a guaranteed quality corn meal snack machine from us.

2.A complete set of quality inspection system and standards:

Leader Microwave Equipment Company operates in accordance with ISO9001 quality management system.The coordination of relevant inspection standards can ensure the quality of products highly. Customers can be assured to buy our products. service:

We can provide you with project analysis, site selection, customization services, installation and after-sales service.If you have any questions, please contact us.

Corn meal snack machine

  The success story of the continuous corn meal snack machine:

Our machines have been exported to many countries: Philippines, Algeria, Egypt, India, Dominica, Zambia, Tanzania,Cote d’Ivoire, Russia, Ukraine, Uganda, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria, etc.Leader Microwave Equipment Company has abundant experience in exporting products.If you would like to know more about our corn meal snack machine, please contact us immediately!

Algerian customer visit

Algerian customer visit

Extruding technology of corn meal snack machine:

Due to the high intensity of extrusion, shear, friction under the action of heat during extrusion, starch particles are fully dissolved, expanded and gelatinized and partially degraded under the condition of low moisture content. In addition, after extrusion mold, the material changes from high temperature and high pressure state to normal pressure state, and then instantaneous flash evaporation occurs, so as to achieve the swelling effect.

Leader Microwave Equipment Company always adheres to the principle of customer first. Satisfying customers’ needs is our constant direction.If you have any requirements, please let us know. We will customize the most suitable corn snack food extruding machine for you.

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