Application of extrusion technology in corn flake processing line

Corn flake is a kind of breakfast food with high nutritional value. Cornmeal and other grains are usually used as the main raw materials. After being mixed, extruded, pressed, dried, baked at high temperature, coated with sugar and cooled, corn flake is made into crisp and sweet flake. It has a long storage time and is easy to carry. It can be eaten directly and processed into other food.

Corn flakes are flakes, which can be eaten after being soaked in hot water for three minutes. They are smooth, chewy and have the inherent flavor of grains. They are crispy and suitable for all ages. They are mainly used for breakfast with milk and coffee, and can also be used as leisure snacks. Corn flakes not only conform to the traditional diet, but also adapt to the fast-paced needs of modern life. Therefore, corn flakes are accepted by more and more consumers, with huge market potential.

The Corn Flake processing line of our company uses the expansion and extrusion technology to change the traditional method of stir frying the raw grain into using the high temperature and high pressure expansion and extrusion to make the starch in the raw grain denatured, which is more conducive to the absorption of human body, and the nutritional value is higher than the traditional processing technology. The Corn Flake processing line can also produce breakfast cereal products of other shapes, such as circle shaped, small ball shaped, moon shaped, etc, with a wide range of applications.

Corn chip processing line is mainly composed of feeding system, heating system, extrusion system, rotary cutting system, lubrication system. The processing line is designed reasonably and easy to operate by using the expanding extrusion technology. It can be completed from ingredients, cooking, tablet pressing, drying and expanding at one time, with high degree of automation. Continuous operation, no sticking, stable output, even product thickness, screw has self-cleaning function, no need to dismantle the screw for cleaning. Production conditions are simple, only water, electricity can be, no waste gas produced in the production process, green non-toxic, in line with environmental requirements.

Corn chip processing line

Twin screw extruder

Advantages of using expanded extrusion technology:

1After the expansion of corn and other coarse grains, the structure of coarse and hard tissue is damaged, and the appearance of coarse grains can no longer be seen, the taste of coarse grains can not be eaten, and the taste is soft and delicate.

2The expansion technology not only changed the shape of grain, but also changed the internal molecular structure. The vitamin of grain was less damaged; The expansion technology makes the starch thoroughly mature, the expanded food is mostly porous, and the water-soluble property is increased, which is conducive to the infiltration of gastrointestinal digestive enzymes, improves the digestion and absorption rate of nutrients, and is convenient for human absorption.

3Coarse grain has become cooked food after being expanded. It can be directly washed with boiled water, extruded into compressed food, or slightly processed into a variety of food, which is convenient to eat and time-saving.

4Grain expansion is equivalent to a high temperature sterilization, water content is reduced to less than 10%, limiting the breeding of insects, mold, strengthen the stability of storage, suitable for long-term storage.

Corn flake processing line uses extrusion technology, with less investment, fast income, simple operation, safety and environmental protection, huge market potential, which is the best choice for food processing manufacturers!