A case of Thai customers visiting sandwich food puffing machine

With the improvement of economic level, our diet has gradually become rich and colorful. All kinds of snacks are filled in our life, among which sandwich food is loved by thousands of friends. The demand of the sandwich food puffing machine is rising. As a company specializing in the operation of the sandwich food puffing machine, our equipment has been highly praised by customers and has always been in the leading position in the market.

Thailand’s customers want to order 10 sets of sandwich food puffing machines. After repeated comparison, they finally chose us and said they want to conduct field investigation. We warmly received them and showed them our sandwich food puffing machine in detail.

Thai clients visit

Advantages of sandwich food puffing machine:

  1. It has a wide range of applications and can be applied to the processing of various materials

The use range of the sandwich food expanding machine is very wide, which can be used for the processing and production of many kinds of materials. The manufacturer can produce many kinds of sandwich food with the money of only one equipment, which is economical and applicable.

  1. Reduce production cost

Different from the traditional way of production, the mechanical way of sandwich food puffing machine can produce a large number of food in a short time. The production efficiency is very high, and it does not need too much manpower. Ordinary workers can learn to operate in a short time, which can greatly reduce the production cost of manufacturers.

  1. Improve labor efficiency

Because the use of the sandwich food expansion machinery is very simple, the staff can reduce a lot of burden, work more easily, the staff’s mood will be naturally good, so the labor efficiency will be greatly improved.

  1. Improve the service life of the equipment

Food puffing machines are all made of high-quality materials. They are strictly tested before leaving the factory. They are not easy to wear and tear, strong and durable, and have a very long service life, which can help manufacturers save production costs.

Sandwich food puffing machine

In order to maximize the benefit of Thai customers in the future production, we recommend several different models of food expansion equipment to them. There are many models of our equipment. If there is no one suitable for customers, we can also customize it for customers.

Technical parameters of sandwich food puffing machine:

Power 60KW 90KW 100KW 180KW
Output 150-180KG /h 200-260KG /h 300-400KG /h 1500KG/h
Size 28000 * 1200 * 2200mm 32000 * 1500 * 2200mm 35000 * 1500 * 3500mm 45000 * 2500 * 3500mm


Thai customers had a pleasant conversation with us, and finally decided to cooperate with us for a long time, because they found that we are a very honest enterprise, whether our equipment or services are always in the leading position in the industry, is a very reliable company. At the same time, they are very interested in our company’s pet food extruder, snack puffing machine, snack food extruder and other equipment. If they carry out relevant work next, they will contact us to purchase other kinds of food equipment.

Puffed food

We treat every customer with our heart. Because of our sincerity, our sandwich food puffing machine has moved to all parts of the world and gained a very good reputation in many countries and regions. When facing customers, we sincerely introduce our equipment, select the most appropriate equipment for customers, and also provide the most reasonable price, to turn our equipment into the most cost-effective equipment.

We are always breaking through ourselves and believe that we can bring more surprises to our customers in the future.